Fine Arts Work 6.3:
United States

This series of watercolors is entitled "Fieldwork", and it is indeed all about fieldwork: an exploration of the fields of biology, ethnology, archaeology, and technology in the world. But this is not our world; it is a world quite close to ours, yet not quite the same...

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Biology - Rare Fish in Stream (watercolor on paper)

Biology - Triceratops on the Plains (watercolor on paper)

Ethnology - The Music Teacher (watercolor on paper)

Ethnology - The Castle Guardian (watercolor on paper)

Archaeology - The Detritus of War (watercolor on paper)

Archaeology - The Nordic Ships in the Desert (watercolor on paper)

Technology - Waiting for the Fish to Talk (watercolor on paper)

Technology - Shaman at the Radio (watercolor on paper)

Technology - Flyover (watercolor on paper)

Biology - Zebra on the Veld (watercolor on paper)

Biology - Seashells on the Beach (watercolor on paper)

Ethnology - Arctic Homecoming (watercolor on paper)

Ethnology - The Cook (watercolor on paper)

Archaeology - The Column Hieroglyphs (watercolor on paper)

Archaeology - Discovery of Lost Scripts (watercolor on paper)

Technology - Machine for Viewing the Past (watercolor on paper)

Technology - Zebras on the New Noah's Ark (watercolor on paper)

Biology - Butterfly on Tree(watercolor on paper

Technology - Train Across the Ancient Bridge (watercolor on paper)

Technology - 23rd-Century Steam Power (watercolor on paper)