Fine Arts Work 6.4:
United States

Here are two series... The first is entitled "Postcard Views", watercolor landscapes that are views of a distant Asian land, postcards of a place that may be known, or may be not, and that may be from the past, or may be from an alternate present. The second is entitled "Another Territory", and these works explore the idea of another territory or land, being explored and catalogued by a wandering renderer...

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Ship on the Red River (watercolor on paper with gold leaf)

Waiting for Tea Near Mt. Meru (watercolor on paper)

Reaching the Coast, Winter (ink on paper)

Coming Upon the River's End, Moonlight (ink on paper)

City in the Cave at the Cliffs (ink on paper)

The Ocean Temple by Moonlight (watercolor on paper)

Lake of the Aborigines (watercolor on paper)

Looking Out on the Eastern Sea (watercolor on paper)

The Big Lake, Late Fall
(ink on paper)

Coming Upon the Forest, Full Moon (Study)
(ink on paper)