Student Work 1

The works in this section were done by students in various studio courses as part of a series of three-dimensional design and structures assignments.

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Arches and Bridges Project
(foamcore, watercolor paper)
This project was to make load-bearing structures in the form of individual bridges, as well as one large structure (an arch) comprising segments, where each student had to build a segment, making sure that they fit with those of the other students.
Tiles Project
(foamcore, watercolor paper, architectural tracing paper)
In this project, students constructed wall that fulfilled three requirements: that is be load-bearing, that it be translucent, and that it be decorative. Each student worked on one "tile" for this wall.
Drive Train Project
(foamcore, watercolor paper)
This goal in thisproject was to make a structure -- a drive train -- that could move despite the somewhat fragile and static quality of the materials used (foamcore and paper).