Student Work 7

The works in this section show pieces from various studio courses that focused on 2-dimensional assignments concerning composition, pattern, rhythm, and other themes.

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Basic Shapes Project,
(marker / colored pencil / pencil on paper)
this project, students were asked to create compositions using the basic shapes of the square, circle, oval, and triangle. They first did a series in black and white, and then a series in color. Requirements were that they fill the page completely and make the shapes on the page "interact"...
Rhythm Project
(gouache on paper)
In this exercise, students were asked to listen to a piece of music of their choice, and do a composition based on the rhythmic component. Some students used different parts of the page to represent different parts of the music, i.e., a slow, heavy introduction, a quick, light middle, and a dense, dramatic ending. The students did pieces in both black and white and color....